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December 1984:

Returning home after a trying time at work, Doctor Lydia Herdwick looks forward to her first weekend off in months.

As she settles in for a quiet night with her husband, a dark figure watches on from the moors outside.

The Copperport Casefiles: Dead Of Winter is a short, narrative driven horror experience, and the third installment of the Copperport series.


- Narrative gameplay

- Full voice cast

- Custom built assets

- Original music score


- Default Mouse Sensitivity increased by 66%

- Adjustable Mouse Sensitivity added to settings

- Numerous scenery snagging hot points addressed (please report any more you enounter).

- "woodshed" sequence breaking loophole repaired.


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Ah, I see with the third game you've already fulfilled two things I wanted to see, more speaking instead of just text, and view sensitivity options :)

And once again I'm glad to see you're mixing things up with the gameplay style a bit.

This game being set during the day (as far as I got anyways) obviously doesn't have any of the visibility problems I encountered in the other two games with those pitch black shadows.

Sadly I ran into a glitch real early and got stuck. It was when you wake up in the bedroom. I walked up to the window to look out and that's when I got completely stuck. Usually such things are no big deal, but since this game lacks jumping and crouching didn't work when stuck there didn't appear to be any way to wiggle back out of the window sill. I for obvious reasons never checked any of the other windows for the same bug after restarting =P

The alt-tab issue I found in Slay Bells doesn't happen in this game so that's good. But a few interactions now freeze the game with the only things you can do being opening the menus and such, kinda similar to that alt-tab bug. It happened while clicking the objects in the upstairs bathroom as well as once when clicking the stove in the kitchen. 

Again like that alt-tab issue in Slay bells it eventually starts working again but I can't tell if it's from my frantic clicking or just time passing. Either way the wait could be quite long, in fact, the third time it happened it took long enough for me to give up after a few minutes. I've played all of these games with the standard settings by the way. Win10 64-bit.

I hope you can find what's causing this error, for that stove I think it was like the third time I clicked it that it froze so it seems completely random to me. If you do I'll gladly come back and try the game again.


The window should be an easy fix, it's simple bad model design that needs tweeking.

Definitely looking into that alt-tab thing, weird one that. Think it's a bit of an issue with the engine itself, but I should be able to find a way to counter act it.

Thanks again for such well rounded advice, it really is a great help.

Awesome!! I like your game.

Enjoyed this from start to end and extremely polished and original. Having not played any of the other games in the series Iโ€™m definitely going to soon :)

I'm trying to play the game but it just crashes all the time, and when it's not crashing it's stuttering a lot. Any idea why?


Very odd, do you have any more details I could look into (error messages, crash reports, does it happen at a specific point ect.).

Thanks for letting me know, would love to get this fixed.


I really, really digged the aesthetic of this game. The bass line was very John Carpenter feeling. I can say also i can say for once I didn't see that ending coming. Really enjoyed this.

Also really appreciated the mixing of Nosferatu in the movie portion .

Great game! Even though I wasn't able of advancing the story as much as I wanted, this game is very well done.

Wish you continue with your series, as long as possible, with this high-quality games.
Gameplay and opinions below:


(sorry for my english)

I really liked this game! I like this old movie atmosphere. The choice of graphics. The music with this main theme and its bass line which reminds me a lot of John Carpenter's The Thing.

I enjoyed following this story.

Evidence 19/20. I intend to get all the evidence.

Thank you very much for this game. BRAVO !

Ohh, I like the John Carpenter comparison...very happy with that.

Glad you enjoyed the game, good luck with that last bit of evidence (got a suspicion which one it is, there is a tricky one in there). 


...oh, and your English is great.

I managed to finish the game. 20/20. Congratulations again for this work.

I had fun observing some details. The VHS in the drawers, the books, the choice to mix Nosferatu with the theme of Coppola's Dracula, etc..

Really cool. I even wonder if there is no easter egg with the musical notes of the menu lol

Good eye. Acctualy there is a history to the musical notes in the menu...I could spoil it, or let you figure it out for yourself. Your choice.

I want to try to find out for myself. I come back here to tell you if I succeeded... or not ^^

Oh, and I'm curious. Which piece of evidence were you missing?

The syringe and the bottle of tranquilizer for... animals ;-)

Exactly what I thought, everyone misses that one.

 Nice work!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜

Absolutely LOVED this game! Was an interesting twist I expected zombies, got something else instead xD got lost a few times but that was on me, I need to be more observant of tools that are lit up haha. Keep up the amazing work! Left a follow and look forward to more!!!


This was a really fun game. The story was creepy and the atmosphere was very tense. Great job! 

I'm glad you enjoyed, thank you.

Got quite a few more ideas in the works, so will hopefully have them coming your way soon.


Never played the other games in the series but i really enjoyed this so i may go back and check out the first two games of the series! 

Thanks, that's always great to hear.

Please do check out the others. Slay Bells is a bit rough around the edges as it was part of a 20 day challenge (planning a tidied up re-release soon), but Under The Stairs is a bit more polished...have fun.

Awesome game! Graphics, story and narration were all well done. You did a great job creating a game with a "classic horror" vibe - I felt like I was playing in an old episode of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Looking forward to see what the other casefiles have in store. Keep up the good work, ProfessorStitch!


Thanks, I have plenty more coming soon that Im looking forward to sharing.

Cool Idea and it's kinda creepy but I encountered a bug that prevented me from advancing. Over all fun game but I'll wait a bit before trying it again. Still had fun.

I knew that damn tree would be a problem. Guess I need to make another pass at tidying up the collision mesh. Thanks for telling me, Ill put the fix in the next update.

No problem, I took down the video made it unlisted, I want to give it another playthrough one day. 

I blocked this in my antivirus and it still keeps coming up as a virus so I can't play it.

Weird, Ill take a look. Which anti-virus? I'll install it myself and see if I can figure out what my code is being touchy about.

Managed to do it this time I didn't change anything though played through it I gotta say great work on this game it was amazing and scary as hell. Upload of the video might take a while.

Thats great news that you got it working. Ill look forward to checking out the video. Thanks.

Hello! This is awesome indeed! Definitely enjoyed it! Game here:

Please subscribe!

Brilliant, always great to hear someone enjoyed my work. I'll take a look at the video.

(4 edits) (+1)

I think I found a bug. If you get close enough to the wood pile that is locked behind the gate/door, you are still able to pick up the wood before unlocking the gate/door. If you do this and set the fire, it causes problems with the sequence of triggers and bugs out when interacting with the phone.

(1 edit)

I actually uploaded a fix for this yesterday.  Could I ask when did you downloaded your copy? Just so I know if it was the older version, or if the fix didn't work.


Sure, Iโ€™ll download again and report back :)

The only other feedback (if youโ€™re interested) I could give at this point would be the piano noises in the menus. They were charming at the beginning but can get a little long in the tooth the further in-game you get. An option to turn them off would be appreciated?

Enjoying the game from what I played though, really well done. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘


funnily enough, just finished dealing with the menu about 10 minutes ago. Next update has a menu option to turn the chimes off. Thank you for telling me though, its actually really helpful when someone confirms I'm on the right track and not just chasing my tail with useless features.


Oh, but most importantly, really glad to hear you're enjoying it so far.

Just to confirm, I downloaded the latest version and yes unfortunately, you can still pick up the firewood before opening the door/gate if you get close enough.

That's a pain.  The code to interact shouldn't turn on now until the right point. Thanks, I have another look at it. (Is the any specific angle or approach, or is it just anywhere if you are too close?) 

Oh better yet, as I stupidly forgot to add version numbers. Does your copy have mouse sensitivity in the settings, as the original version didnt.

It does have mouse sensitivity settings, if that helps.

Yes, that helps. Thanks.


This was really solid! I loved discovering little clues here and there as I was beginning to put the story together. I think I'll take a look at the rest of the case files ๐Ÿ˜

Definitely recommended!


I really appreciate that, thankyou. Picked up quite a few useful pointers from you're comments section as well. The menu sound effects seem to be a real love it or hate it deal, so thinking I might add the option to toggle them on and off in the settings.

And yes, please do give the others a try.

Under The Stairs is very similar format to this one.

Slay Bells however, is a bit rough an ready as it was made as part of a 20 day challange, but hopefully you'll get a laugh out of it.

(3 edits) (+1)

I really enjoy playing your game :) , im not a dev but i was learning game dev using the same engine you use but in old one as i remember it was A4 it was the new one back then.

Anyway great work its remember me of cthulu game ,  thank you for making it, it was really fun experience :)

there some little bugs but the one that i think is big like i can take woods even the door not opened and because of it the phone wont ring, and you cant do anything after that :) anything else was great

I wish to see more from you, thank you :)


Check out my gameplay i find 19/20 of there evidance i missed one

Great, I'm intruiged to see which one you missed. (There is one that is pretty easy to miss, so I suspect I know which one it is). I'll take a look.

Watching it now, skipped ahead first though to see if I was right about the evidence. Yep you missed exactly the one I suspected. Left a little hint in your video comments.

thank you for the hint dev, i will try to find it, and im pretty sure where exactly should i look for :)

Thanks, it's geat to hear you enjoyed it. Think I have an idea of what you're getting at with the bug. Do you mean you can reach over the woodshed door without opening it? That would make sense as it would mess with the sequence of events. As you can probably guess, the game isn't meant to let you do that so I'll have to get it fixed.

I'll add that to the next update, thanks for letting me know.

Better yet, fixed it.

Just needed a tweek on one of the variables and no more out of sequence picking up firewood. Thanks for the pointer, the fix will be uploaded in the update coming in the next few days.

this is great happy to help, thank you for the effort dev, this game need to be perfect for sure :)


here is part 2,had to cut due to copyrights :(

You shouldn't have to worry about copyright, the film clip is public domain and I own the rights to everything else. It was fun to watch you playing (you worked out what the glasses were for way faster than most). As for where you did get stuck, I don't want to give too much away, I'll just say...bathroom.

Oh okay, i didnt know about those rights,youtube was complaining so i didnt want no trouble :) bathroom???hmmm....maybe i should take a look again :)) ty so much :)

No worries. Quite frankly I completely understand about the copyright thing. Youtube has a really bad record when it comes to protecting creators from illegal copyright claims. (serious, check out their history with UMG, its appalling). I can completely understand wanting to play it safe. 

Anyway, weird though it sounds out for context, enjoy your trip to the bathroom.

thank you :)

No problem,


Congrats for such cool game. I will play the previous games.

I am genuinley impressed, that has to be the fastest I have seen anyone solve those puzzles. Was kind of interesting seeing you climb out the window, because you're not supposed to be able to do that.

Liked it though, with a bit of a code tidy the window should be an option.


loved this great work for sure. I put it in my three free horror games series in spot 2. Did not finish it in the video but have a second recording ready based on the reaction to it.


Great work!!! Part 2 will follow soon :)

That excellent, thank you. I'll take a look when I get a free moment.


THX mate :)

No problem, thanks for playing.

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Glad you enjoyed it.

I noticed a tiny bug I seem to have missed, the numbers on the final score screen shouldn't be that small. Mind if I ask what resolution you were using so I can try and fix it? Where you using windowed or full screen mode? It would be really helpful to know.


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Full screen - 4k

Ahh, suspected as much. Thanks, that's really helpful. I suspect I didn't allow for the rescaling when I built it on 1080p. I'll take a look and see if I can fix that.

Thanks again.


Good job on this one :) loved the story telling. It was a really enjoyable and well put together little horror story game.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you, it really does makes a massive difference every time to hear someone enjoyed my work.


Man, I couldn't find whatelse to do after my husband is taken away to the house on the backyard. I just found his glasses and wasn't able of opening all the other drawers :(.

Really loved the game, but wasn't able of advance too much due to that. :(


Thanks for letting me know, I'll have a look and see if I can work out what was causing the problem.

Was it all the drawers that didn't work?

Did you have the same problem with door ect?


Nah, only two specific drawers that are locked (on purpose I guess), but I wasn't able of opening them at all.

I wasn't able of finding anything that could help me opening them too... :/


Ahh, got you. You find the item you need after you use the glasses. The glasses have an unorthodox use to open up something else first. There's a few subtle hints in the evidence pick ups. 


ohhhh! I see! That unorthodox stuff is what gets me every time. Thanks for the tip though! 

No problem, hope it helps.