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After a call was placed to the Copperport Police Department, Constable Henry Crane is dispatched to  make a well being check on an elderly resident that hasn't been seen for a few days.

The Copperport Casefiles: Under The Stairs is a short horror experience that represents my first ever attempt at building a game. 

Having built all assets personally and setting the story in the Coppeport universe created by myself and Dave Marshall, it is my hope that this installment represents the beginning of a series of horror stories as I continue to learn and improve my craft.

Release date Oct 31, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePuzzle, Adventure, Survival
Tags3D, free, Horror, Point & Click, Retro, Singleplayer, windows
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The was a very good game. Not sure if I completed it due to a glitch or not but Great job. used it as part of my 3 scary games. Hope you like the video & subscribe! 

For a first game this is very impressive. Really good voice acting and the back and forth level design worked really well. The art was nice for the most part although a bit hard to see i the darkness in a few spots.

I appreciate the options menu, something a lot of indie games lack, bonus points for the sounds in it. Rebindable keys and a view sensitivity slider would have been nice though since you turned pretty sluggishly and the inventory and evidence buttons were pretty far off from where my hands usually are with the WASD and mouse setup. 

This is probably the first game I've seen with the more modern yellow jacket look to a police main character instead of the ole black and blue stuff of yore.


Thank you, some really nicely constructive points here. I totally agree on the key binding. It's going to be tricky figuring out how to do it, but it is needed.

Thanks for the tips.

Really cool. I like this atmosphere. I managed to collect all the clues. I really like the simplicity of the controls. Bravo for this game.
Greetings from France !

Hello everyone and another great game has been made!  I enjoyed every minute! Game here: 

And again, please subscribe to my YT channel :D 

Hey just found this game, had a blast can't wait to play the rest!
Also this was my first ever let's play so thanks for helping make history on my channel haha

I really enjoyed this game it's awesome

We finally played the first game that opens up this cool universe of classic horror. The horror present here is atmospheric, it doesn't appeal to the Jump Scares customary today, but it manages to scare and cause tension all the same. Congratulations on your game, Stitch.

Just finished watching. Nicely done, driving me nuts trying to remember which evidence items you missed, but fun to see this one again.

There are so many little details and Easter eggs to this game that will terrify and reward you if you're paying close attention! The black and white style gives it an excellent horror atmosphere. The puzzles and information you collect do a great job of guiding you through the game without holding your hand or shoving it in your face while not being overly vague. It's so difficult to strike that balance in games, but Professor Stitch and crew pulled it off!

Here's our, hopefully, entertaining play through of  Under the Stairs as well:

I'm looking forward to playing this this month! I'll keep you updated.

Hope you enjoy. Please let me know how you got on.


Amazing it definitely is one of the best games on here the quality is great

That really means a lot, especially as it was my first ever attempt. I do have something new in the works so keep an eye out. I'm looking forward to showing it off. 

Thanks again.

Absolutely brilliant game, I like how the pieces of evidence tell a story that I'd love to dive deeper into. Definitely following


Sorry for the late reply, been wrapped up with planning the next steps. Funnily enough the evidence aspect is something I am really hoping to focus and expand on, so I'm glad you liked that part.

I really enjoyed being an English constable and snooping around the house. I hope you like my totally legit and authentic English accent. I'm American.

i loved every moment of this, possibly because i'm from england lol

Well that's good to hear, because the whole series is going to be very English. Great to hear you enjoyed it, Want to have the next one out by the end of January, so hopefully it will live up to your expectations.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. I went to take a look, but it looks like the video has gone. If you want to reshare at any point, it would of course be welcome. Thanks again for the support.

Deleted 1 year ago

It's not a problem, just wanted to make sure everything was ok when I noticed the channel was gone. Good to see you back, sure the new channel will be great!

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Deleted 1 year ago


Adored this horror game!! Loved the spooky atmosphere, music, and how enjoyable it was!! Hope you make more like these!! I was wondering.. as if I recognize the music used from another game, but maybe it was just very similar? It was very effective at giving us an unsettling feeling.


Thank you, it's great to hear that you enjoyed it.  I promise that there will be more to come. 

The music was composed, performed and recorded by myself, but it is very simple in its structure. So it's more than possible that you have heard something like it before. The shift from E minor to C is very common in horror. 

Thanks again for your kind words, I'm really looking forward to finishing the next one.

Deleted 1 year ago
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Just ran into this fault myself. I have uploaded a fresh file, and that seems to work. Please re-download and give it another try. 

Thanks for letting me know. 

Oh and please let me know if it works ok at your end.

Deleted 1 year ago

No problem, thanks for letting me know about the new one. Im on it.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks, just checked the message. I've got a bit of an idea whats doing that, I'm on it. Thanks again.

...and done. 

It was the dumbest bug every. I put a " {"  in the wrong place. 

All solved and updated, thanks for the help.

Deleted 1 year ago

Brilliant, that's great to hear. My biggest priority was that it was fun, so this is music to my ears. Thanks again, I'm going to be starting on the next one later this week, so promise I'll try not to keep you waiting.